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"We became patients when we were in our sixties and it was like the movie Jerry Maguire, he had us at hello. Now we are in our 70’s and people mistake us for being 20 years younger and we feel like we are 20 years younger. I truly recommend everyone attend a free Longevity seminar. Now we are able to do the things we love together like biking, kayaking, and working out on a regular basis!"

- Bill & Carolyn Crow

Dave Yawitz

"I have been a patient for about a 1 1/2 years, I am impressed with the program and I have gained a lot of benefits from it."

- Dave Yawitz
Doug Bird

"I am pushing 60 years old. Longevity has helped me develop a work out plan which has allowed me to weigh what I did in high school."

- Doug Bird
Mary Anne

"Dr. Mixon changed my life for the better!"

- Mary Anne
Robert Pratt

"4 years ago I was in big trouble, lost my emotional energy, physical energy, intellectual energy."

- Robert Pratt
We had always worked out regularly, but in our early 60’s we were putting on fat, losing muscle and running low on energy. The effects of the program on us were almost immediate, with increased energy and a dramatic increase in libido. We are both well-muscled and strong, while maintaining our ideal weight. We plan to be active all of our lives and see nothing standing in our way of doing exactly that. We feel like we are decades younger than our actual ages and people are startled to find that we are much older than they had assumed when first meeting us.
Bill, 75 March 11, 2016
I am 89 years old and had suffered from fibromyalgia and I.B.S. I have been taking Optimal Relief System for 9 months and I feel fantastic now! Both my medical conditions are now up to 90% better. I REALLY, REALLY wanted to tell everyone all of that good news and thank Dr. Mixon for helping me feel better.
C.M., 89 March 02, 2016
When I started with Longevity Medical Clinic at 49 years old, I noticed an almost instant increase in breathing capacity and stamina. I have no stomach problems any more. My energy is through the roof! My skin is much thicker. If I do get injured, I heal like I did in my 20's. I jump around at work like I did 25 years ago. I sleep like I did when I was 18. I feel like exercising because I get results. I build muscle . I'm now 53 years old and feel absolutely amazing!
Lon, 53 March 02, 2016
Following a complete hysterectomy, my healthy rapidly deteriorated. I was becoming an old women before my eyes! My memory was evaporating, and as a nurse, I was acutely aware of the direction I was headed. In desperation, I begged my husband to join me for an initial workup. He was suffering from male andropause, but hesitated to spend the money. Was it worth it? the answer: an emphatic YES! My husband now performs 70 military push-ups and sit-ups daily. I'm exercising for the first time ever. We feel better then we didi in our 40's both mentally and physically, and enjoy "wedded bliss" once again. We are so thankful to Dr. Mixon and Longevity. It saved my life, my husband's health, and gave us back our marriage.
Suzie, 61 March 02, 2016
When I turned 50 it was like somebody turned the switch off, all I could do after work when I got home was get in the lounge chair in front of the TV and go to sleep. I couldn’t exercise, it just was out of the question and too much effort. I attended one of the free seminars, decided to go on the program, and it has worked wonderfully for me for the last eight years. Not only do I have a lot more energy & the ability to exercise my heart out, but I feel great. I feel like I’ve got my life back. I am no longer that zombie that sleeps in the chair.
Terry, 61 March 02, 2016
As you well know, I have been a very happy patient at Longevity now for many years. My energy is way up. I dropped some pounds. Plus, the ORS has helped me and my on-going back pain issues that are no more!!!! Very happy. My only complaint has been my severe case of ED. Nothing we tried, no pills, nothing seemed to help and it’s been a real issue for two decades.What I want you to know is that my wife finally became a patient at Longevity and I’m ecstatic to say that she is feeling terrific. In fact, as a result of your program she has her libido back. All I can say is that she’s really happy about that, but better still, MY ED IS GONE! 100% gone. Once she started to want sex again, (a lot by the way) then my ED just disappeared…literally overnight. Last week I heard you say on the radio that ED is not always just a physical problem but that it can be a mental problem as well. You were certainly right about that. I wonder how many other men are taking $15 pills and don’t need to. The pills didn’t work at all for me, but now who needs them anyway? Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial to your clinic. Both men and women need what you have to offer. Just please don’t use my real name because my wife would kill me." Thank you, Thanks so much. We’re in our 60s and feel like honeymooners again.
John, 62 December 07, 2018